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Silicon Photonics

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Best books of 2009?

What are the best telecom, datacom and business practice books you have read this year and why? Please send a comment.

Books I'd highlight this year are:

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EPON becomes long reach

A controller chip that extends the reach and subscriber count of an Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) is now available from Teknovus. The device, dubbed the TK3401, boosts EPON’s reach to 100km while the subscriber count is increased from 64 to a maximum of 256.


“Rural [PON deployment] is a tough proposition”

Barry Gray




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ROADMs: Set for double-digit growth

A Q&A with Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst, optical at Infonetics Research regarding ROADMs and his report's findings.


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"It's a bit like working with your wife; it has its ups and downs."

Siraj ElAhmadi, CEO of Menara Networks, on what it is like working with his brother, Salam, who is the company's CTO.


Titbits and tweets you may have missed

  • ENISA has published a comprehensive report entitled Cloud Computing: Benefits, risks and recommendations for information security. The 125-page report can be downloaded from the ENISA site, click here.
  • There is also a SecureCloud 2010 conference coming up in March involving ENISA and the Cloud Security Alliance, click here for details.

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The art of market analysis

Guest Blog

Bob Larribeau, a telecom industry analyst and technology consultant since 1992 has just retired. gazettabyte asked him to reflect on what it takes to be a good market research analyst.


"Most companies provide good numbers but some, quite frankly, are hard to believe."

Bob Larribeau




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Video compression: Tackling at source traffic growth

Streamed video services are placing significant demands on network infrastructure.

The issue is the same whether it is IPTV services and over-the-top video sent over fixed networks, or video transmitted over 3G wireless networks or even video distributed within the home.

According to Cisco Systems, video traffic will only become more important becoming the dominant data traffic by 2013. Any technology that trims the capacity needed for video streams is thus to be welcomed.

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Digital Home: Services, networking technologies and challenges facing operators

Source: Microsoft

The growth of internet-enabled devices and a maturing of networking technologies indicate the digital home is entering a new phase. But while operators believe the home offers important new service and revenue opportunities, considerable challenges remain. Operators are thus proceeding cautiously. 

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