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Silicon Photonics

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AT&T rethinks its relationship with networking vendors 

Does AT&T's Domain Supplier programme mark a nod to the past when carriers were vertically integrated?


 “We’ll go with only two players [per domain] and there will be a lot more collaboration.”


 Tim Harden, AT&T



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WDM-PON: Can it save operators over €10bn in total cost of ownership?

Behind the numbers

Source: ADVA Optical Networking

“The focus of operators to squeeze the last dollar out of the system and optical component vendors is really nonsense.”

Klaus Grobe, ADVA Optical Networking.


Key findings

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a widely deployed WDM-PON network is at least 20 percent cheaper than the broadband alternatives of VDSL and GPON. Given that the cost of deploying a wide-scale access network in a large western European country is €60bn, a 20 percent cost saving is huge, even if spread over 25 years.

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Optical industry drivers and why gazettabyte 

"5 Minutes with Roy Rubenstein, publisher of gazettabyte"

An interview on Finisar's Lightspeed blog.

A bit more about gazettabyte in Write Thinking

And gazettabyte making news


Photonic integration: Bent on disruption


This is a general rule: what starts as a series of parts loosely strung together, if used heavily enough, congeals into a self-contained unit.   

W. Brian Arthur, The Nature of Technology

Infinera's Dave Welch: PICs are fibre-optic's current disruption

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ECOC 2009: Squeezing optics out of optical communications

Prof. Polina BayvelAn interview with Polina Bayvel, Professor of Optical Communications and Networks and head of the Optical Networks Group at University College London (UCL), on her ECOC conference impressions.

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ECOC 2009: An industry view

One theme dominated all others for attendees at this year’s ECOC, held in Vienna in late September: high speed optical transmission technology.

“Most of the action was in 40 and 100Gig,” said Stefan Rochus, vice president of marketing and business development at CyOptics. “There were many 40Gig/ 100Gig LR4 module announcements- from Finisar, Opnext and Sumitomo Electric Industries.”

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40G and 100G Ethernet: First uses of the high-speed interfaces

Operators, enterprises and equipment vendors are all embracing 100 Gigabit technologies even though the standards will only be completed in June 2010.

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