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Relentless traffic growth leads to a ROADM rethink

Technology briefing: ROADMs

Lumentum has developed an optical switch to enable reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs) to cope with the traffic growth expected over the next decade. 

The company’s MxN wavelength-selective switch (WSS) will replace the existing multicast switch used in colourless, directionless and contentionless ROADMs. The Lumentum TrueFlex 8x24 twin switch will enable networking nodes of 400-terabit capacity.

“This second-generation switch is what will take us into the 100 gigabaud and super-channel era of network scalability,” says Brandon Collings, CTO of Lumentum.

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ECOC 2015 Review - Part 1

Part 1: Line side announcements

  • Several companies announced components for 400 gigabit optical transmission
  • NEL announced a 200 gigabit coherent DSP-ASIC
  • Lumentum ramps production of its ROADM blades while extending the operating temperature of its tunable SFP+


400 gigabit

Oclaro, Teraxion and NeoPhotonics detailed their latest optical components for 400 gigabit optical transmission using coherent detection.

Oclaro and Teraxion announced 400 gigabit modulators for line-side transmission; Oclaro’s based on lithium niobate and Teraxion’s an indium phosphide one.

NeoPhotonics outlined other components that will be required for higher-speed transmission: indium phosphide-based waveguide photo-detectors for coherent receivers, and ultra-narrow line-width lasers suited for higher order modulation schemes such as dual-polarisation 16-quadrature amplitude modulation (DP-16-QAM) and DP-64-QAM.

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Verizon readies its metro for next-generation P-OTS  

Verizon is preparing its metro network to carry significant amounts of 100 Gigabit traffic and has detailed its next-generation packet-optical transport system (P-OTS) requirements. The operator says technological advances in 100 Gig transmission and new P-OTS platforms - some yet to be announced - will help bring large scale 100 Gig deployments in the metro in the next year or so.

Glenn Wellbrock

The operator says P-OTS will be used for its metro and regional networks for spans of 400-600km. "That is where we have very dense networks," says Glenn Wellbrock, director of optical transport network architecture and design at Verizon. "The amount of 100 Gig is going to be substantially higher than it was in long haul."

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OFC 2014 product round-up - Part 1

Part 1: Line-side technologies


Technologies for 100 Gigabit were prominent at this year's OFC conference and exhibition held in San Francisco earlier this month.

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Infinera introduces flexible grid 500G super-channel ROADM

Infinera has unveiled a flexible grid, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) to complement its DTN-X optical networking platform.

An example showing the impact of a 500G super-channel ROADM node. Source: Infinera

"The FlexROADM will open up the Tier-1 operators in a way Infinera has not been able to do before," says Dana Cooperson, vice president, network infrastructure at market research firm, Ovum. "The DTN-X was necessary but not sufficient; the ROADM is the last piece."

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Amplifiers come to the fore to tackle agile network challenges

The growing sophistication of high-speed optical transmission based on 100 Gigabit-plus lightpaths and advanced ROADMs is rekindling interest in amplifier design.


Raman is a signature of the spread of 100 Gig but also the desire of being upgradable to higher bit rates

Per Hansen, II-VI


For the last decade, amplifier designers have been tasked with reducing the cost of Erbium-doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs). "Now there is a need for new solutions that are more expensive," says Daryl Inniss, vice president and practice leader, components at market research firm, Ovum. "It is no longer just cost-cutting."

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