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ECOC 2014: Industry reflections on the show

Gazettabyte asked several attendees at the recent ECOC show, held in Cannes, to comment on key developments and trends they noted, as well as the issues they will track in the coming year. 


Daryl Inniss, practice leader, components at market research firm, Ovum

 It took a while to unwrap what happened at ECOC 2014. There was no one defining event or moment that was the highlight of the conference.

The location was certainly beautiful and the weather lovely. Yet I felt the participants were engaged with critical technical and business issues, given how competitive the market has become.

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Amplifiers come to the fore to tackle agile network challenges

The growing sophistication of high-speed optical transmission based on 100 Gigabit-plus lightpaths and advanced ROADMs is rekindling interest in amplifier design.


Raman is a signature of the spread of 100 Gig but also the desire of being upgradable to higher bit rates

Per Hansen, II-VI


For the last decade, amplifier designers have been tasked with reducing the cost of Erbium-doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs). "Now there is a need for new solutions that are more expensive," says Daryl Inniss, vice president and practice leader, components at market research firm, Ovum. "It is no longer just cost-cutting."

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Xtera demonstrates 40 Terabit using Raman amplification 

Feature: 100 Gig and Beyond. Part 2
  • Xtera's Raman amplification boosts capacity and reach
  • 40 Terabit optical transmission over 1,500km in Verizon trial
  • 64 Terabit over 1,500km in 2015 using a Raman module operating over 100nm of spectrum  


Herve Fevrier
Optical transport equipment makers continue to research techniques to increase the data carried long distances over a fibre without sacrificing reach. The techniques include signal processing of the transmit signal to cram data-carrying channels closer in the C-band, advanced soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) and receiver signal processing to counter transmission impairments.

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ECOC 2013 review - Part 2

The final part of some of the notable product announcements made at the recent European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) exhibition held in London.  

  • Oclaro's Raman and hybrid amplifier platform for new networks
  • MxN wavelength-selective switch from JDSU
  • 200 Gigabit multi-vendor coherent demonstration
  • Tunable SFP+ designs proliferate
  • Finisar extends 40 Gigabit QSFP to 40km
  • Oclaro’s tackles wireless backhaul with 2km SFP+ module


Finisar's 40km 40 Gig QSFP+ demo. Source: Finisar

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ROADMs and their evolving amplification needs 

Technology briefing: ROADMs and amplifiers

Oclaro announced an add/drop routing platform at the recent OFC/NFOEC show. The company explains how the platform is driving new arrayed amplifier and pumping requirements.  

A ROADM comprising amplification, line-interfaces, add/ drop routing and transponders. Source: Oclaro

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