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Silicon Photonics

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Gazettabyte is a resource for the optical community. It includes in-depth features on datacom and telecom topics as well as information targeted at individuals working in the optical industry. This site is only possible thanks to the sponsoring companies. And it is important to detail the terms of the sponsorship.

Gazettabyte guarantees each sponsor the following in return for backing the site:

  • An interview for at least one of the feature articles of the year. In practice, it will likely be more but one interview is guaranteed.
  • One shorter article - at least 750 words - will also be written about each sponsoring company during the year on a topic chosen by Gazettabyte. This could be a result of a key company announcement, or to seek comment from a company expert on an industry development or simply a general Q&A with a senior executive from the company.  Click here.

Reader feedback is encouraged. Gazettabyte can always do a better job at being an information source so please add comments to stories and provide feedback on topics of interest.


Some feedback

  • “Gazettabyte is one of the few publications that dedicates the time and insight the industry needs on key technology advances. It is a wonderful website.” Deborah Porchivina
  • “You do a good job on your website educating the world.” Dr. Ian Betty, Ciena
  • "I am a constant reader of your resource as it is one of the few places covering optical/ electronics and silicon photonics in greater detail." An executive at a leading European operator
  • "I honestly always learn something new from your articles." Senior PR executive that has been representing optical companies for over a decade, after reading an article about one of his clients.
  • "Just thought I’d drop you a note to say how much I appreciate the good work you are doing with Gazettabyte. It has been a useful reference resource for me in developing our new ‘Next generation’ Certified Optical Network Engineer programme." Richard Ednay, Technical Director, Optical Technology Training Ltd.
  • "I really value Gazettabyte – it’s the best website for important technical discussion of the optics industry in relatively accessible layman’s terms. Most websites don't go as deep! Thanks for this great resource." A US financial analyst
  • “Gazettabyte is a great website. I visit the site regularly for not only optical news but also in-depth market analysis. The editor Roy Rubenstein is one of the most knowledgeable reporters in our industry and his posts reflect that by providing insightful commentary.” Yves LeMaitre, chief marketing officer for Oclaro
  • "I love your blog which I think is the best in the industry." Masaharu Hatano, marketing manager via Twitter.
  • "If you like data centers and Ethernet, Gazettabyte has a great three-part series up. Part 3 posted today and it's excellent." Andrew Schmitt, Directing Analyst, Optical, Infonetics Research
  • "An invaluable resource for anyone in the networking world." Gareth Spence, ADVA Optical Networking
  • "If bloggers can have fans, then consider me a fan of yours. I love your blog. It's informative and insightful -- a refreshing change from the noise you find on the net. Please keep up the good work. I hope you will resist the temptation to change its uniqueness." Vipul Bhatt
  • "I like the way you do your research, taking the opinions of different people into consideration for your articles. This gives a very broad overview of the telco industry – great job."  Thomas Weible
  • "There is a massive amount of press, market reports, analyst talk, and of course noise on 40G and 100G, but it is rare to find such a thoroughly written article on the topic." Rafik Ward, Finisar
  • "Thank you for your website and articles. They are a very valuable resource for investors and potential investors in optical components."   online_trader2000