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Adding an extra dimension to ROADM designs  

U.K. start-up ROADMap Systems, a developer of wavelength-selective switch technology, has completed a second round of funding. The amount is undisclosed but the start-up is believed to have raised several million dollars to date.

Karl HeeksThe company will use the funding to develop a prototype of its two-dimensional (2D) optical beam-steering technique to integrate 24 wavelength-selective switches (WSSes) within a single platform.

The WSS is a key building block used within reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs).

The company’s WSS technology uses liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) technology, the basis of existing WSS designs from the likes of Finisar and Lumentum. However, the start-up has developed a way to steer beams in 2D whereas current WSSes operate in a single dimension only.

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OFC 2015 digest: Part 1  

A survey of some of the key developments at the OFC 2015 show held recently in Los Angeles.  
Part 1: Line-side component and module developments 
  • Several vendors announced CFP2 analogue coherent optics   
  • 5x7-inch coherent MSAs: from 40 Gig submarine and ultra-long haul to 400 Gig metro  
  • Dual micro-ITLAs, dual modulators and dual ICRs as vendors prepare for 400 Gig
  • WDM-PON demonstration from ADVA Optical Networking and Oclaro 
  • More compact and modular ROADM building blocks  

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ROADMs and their evolving amplification needs 

Technology briefing: ROADMs and amplifiers

Oclaro announced an add/drop routing platform at the recent OFC/NFOEC show. The company explains how the platform is driving new arrayed amplifier and pumping requirements.  

A ROADM comprising amplification, line-interfaces, add/ drop routing and transponders. Source: Oclaro

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JDSU's Brandon Collings on silicon photonics, optical transport & the tunable SFP+

JDSU's CTO for communications and commercial optical products, Brandon Collingsdiscusses reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs), 100 Gigabit, silicon photonics, and the status of JDSU's tunable SFP+.


"We have been continually monitoring to find ways to use the technology [silicon photonics] for telecom but we are not really seeing that happen”

Brandon Collings, JDSU

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OFC/NFOEC 2012: Some of the exhibition highlights

A round-up of some of the main announcements and demonstrations at the recent OFC/NFOEC 2012 exhibition and conference.

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