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Oclaro demonstrates flexible rate coherent pluggable module


  • The CFP2 coherent optical module operates at 100 and 200 Gig
  • Samples are already with customers, with general availability in the first half of 2015
  • Oclaro to also make more CFP2 100GBASE-LR4 products


The CFP2 is not just used in metro/ regional networks but also in long-haul applications

Robert Blum



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ROADMs and their evolving amplification needs 

Technology briefing: ROADMs and amplifiers

Oclaro announced an add/drop routing platform at the recent OFC/NFOEC show. The company explains how the platform is driving new arrayed amplifier and pumping requirements.  

A ROADM comprising amplification, line-interfaces, add/ drop routing and transponders. Source: Oclaro

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ECOC 2012 summary - Part 1: Oclaro

Gazettabyte completes its summary of key optical announcements at the recent ECOC show held in Amsterdam. Oclaro's announcements detailed here are followed by those of Finisar and NeoPhotonics.

Part 1: Oclaro


"Networks are getting more complex and you need automation so that they are more foolproof and more efficient operationally"

Per Hansen, Oclaro

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The CFP2 pluggable module gains industry momentum

Finisar and Oclaro unveiled their first CFP2 optical transceiver products at the recent ECOC exhibition in Amsterdam. JDSU also announced that its ONT-100G test equipment now supports the latest 100Gbps module form factor.


Source: Oclaro

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Huawei's novel Petabit switch 

The Chinese equipment maker showcased a prototype optical switch at this year's OFC/NFOEC that can scale to 10 Petabit. 


"Although the numbers [400,000 lasers] appear quite staggering, they point to a need for photonic integration"

Reg Wilcox, Huawei



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Oclaro-Opnext merger will create second largest optical component company 

Oclaro has announced its plan to merge with Opnext. The deal, valued at US $177M, will result in Opnext's shareholders owning 42% of the combined company. The merger of the fifth and sixth largest optical component players will create a company with annual revenues of $800M, second only to Finisar. The deal is expected to be completed in the next 3-6 months.

Source: Gazettabyte

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100 Gigabit direct detection gains wider backing

More vendors are coming to market with 100 Gigabit direct detection products for metro and private networks. 

The emergence of a second de-facto 100 Gigabit standard, a complement to 100 Gigabit coherent, gained credence with 4x28 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) direct detect announcements from Finisar and Oclaro and likely backing from system vendor, ECI Telecom.



"We believe that in some cases operators will prefer to go with this technology instead of coherent"

Shai Stein, CTO, ECI Telecom 


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