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2012: The year of 100 Gigabit transponders

Oclaro has detailed its 100 Gigabit coherent optical module that will be available from the second quarter of 2012. The MI 8000XM, a 5x7-inch 100 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) transponder, uses NTT Electronics' (NEL) analogue-to-digital converter/ digital signal processor (DSP) ASIC at the receiver that compensates for transmission impairments.


“The world is moving to coherent, there is no question about that”

Per Hansen, Oclaro



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Oclaro points its laser diodes at new markets

Yves LeMaitre has experienced much over the course of the last decade working in the optical components industry. He has been CEO of a start-up during the optical boom, lived through acquisitions, and has undertaken business development in telecom and non-telecom markets.


“To succeed in any market ... you need to be the best at something, to have that sustainable differentiator”

 Yves LeMaitre, Oclaro




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The price of propping up an industry

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Oclaro: R&D key for growth 

Alain Couder, Oclaro’s CEO, explains why he is upbeat about the photonics market and optical networking in particular.


“We didn’t sell to Intel,” explains Alain Couder, the boss of Oclaro. “Intel looked for a fab[rication plant] that has good VCSEL technology and that could scale and they found us.”  

Couder was talking about how Oclaro became a supplier of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) for Intel’s Light Peak optical cable interface technology. VCSELs are part of Oclaro’s Advanced Photonics Solutions, a division addressing non-telecom markets accounting for between 10 and 15 percent of the company’s revenues.

“I believe very clearly that if a component is available on the market, even if you are a module builder, you are much better off selling to your competition rather than having others do so.”

Alain Couder, Oclaro

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