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Silicon Photonics

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Giving telecom networks a computing edge 

Operators have long sought to provide their users with a consistent quality of service. For cellular it is why ubiquitous cellular coverage is important, for example.

But a subtler approach is taking hold as networks evolve whereby what a user does will change depending on their location. And what will enable this is edge computing.

 Source: Senza-Fili Consulting

“This is an entirely new concept,” says Monica Paolini, president and founder at Senza-Fili Consulting. “It is a way to think about service which is going to have a profound impact.”

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Is silicon photonics an industry game-changer? 

Briefing: Silicon Photonics

Part 3: Merits, challenges and applications   

Shown in blue are the optical waveguides with their tight bend radius while the copper wires carrying high-speed electrical signals is shown in orange. Source: IBM

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Terabit interconnect to take hold in the data centre

Intel and Corning have further detailed their 1.6 Terabit interface technology for the data centre.

The collaboration combines Intel's silicon photonics technology operating at 25 Gigabit-per-fibre with Corning's ClearCurve LX multimode fibre and latest MXC connector.

Silicon photonics wafer and the ClearCurve fibres. Source: Intel

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