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Silicon Photonics

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Presentation slides of the book 

A set of slides summarising the book, Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution

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Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution

New book to be published in December 2016

Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution is the title of the book Daryl Inniss and I have just completed.

We started writing the book at the end of 2014. We felt the timing was right for a silicon photonics synthesis book that assesses the significant changes taking place in the datacom, telecom, and semiconductor industries, and explains the market opportunities that will result and the role silicon photonics will play.

Silicon photonics is coming to market at a time of momentous change. Internet content providers are driving new requirements as they scale their data centres. The chip industry is grappling with the end of Moore’s law. And the telecom community faces its own challenges as the bandwidth-carrying capacity of fiber starts to be approached.

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Silicon photonics book scheduled for early 2016

Daryl Inniss, practice leader, components at Ovum, and I have started work on a book on silicon photonics. The book, to be written during 2015, will be published by Elsevier.

The work will provide an assessment of silicon photonics and its market impact over the next decade. The title will explore key trends and challenges facing the telecom and datacom industries, provide a history of silicon photonics, and detail its importance. The title will also pinpoint those applications that will benefit most from the technology.

Gazettabyte hopes to share some of the insights and information gathered during the writing of the book. And if this book project is of interest, please feel free to contact us