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Silicon Photonics

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OFC interview regarding silicon photonics and our book 

ADVA Optical Networking's Gareth Spence interviewed Daryl Inniss, director, new business development at OFS, and me at the OFC conference and exhibition held earlier this month in San Diego, California. We were interviewed regarding the status of silicon photonics and our book on the topic.

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Presentation slides of the book 

A set of slides summarising the book, Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution

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Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution

New book to be published in December 2016

Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution is the title of the book Daryl Inniss and I have just completed.

We started writing the book at the end of 2014. We felt the timing was right for a silicon photonics synthesis book that assesses the significant changes taking place in the datacom, telecom, and semiconductor industries, and explains the market opportunities that will result and the role silicon photonics will play.

Silicon photonics is coming to market at a time of momentous change. Internet content providers are driving new requirements as they scale their data centres. The chip industry is grappling with the end of Moore’s law. And the telecom community faces its own challenges as the bandwidth-carrying capacity of fiber starts to be approached.

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Daryl Inniss reflects on a career in market research 

Daryl Inniss was until recently an analyst covering optical components. In an invited piece, he reflects on the role of a market researcher and what he has learnt in his 15-year career.

Daryl Inniss 

Rocky beginnings

I jumped ship in 2001 joining RHK, a market research firm, knowing nothing about the craft. I had been a technical manager and loved research and development, but work was 500 miles from my family and the weekly commute was gruelling.

Back then, the telecom market was crashing and I believed my job was at risk. Moving to a small market research firm could hardly be described as good planning, but it turned out to be a godsend.

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Silicon photonics book scheduled for early 2016

Daryl Inniss, practice leader, components at Ovum, and I have started work on a book on silicon photonics. The book, to be written during 2015, will be published by Elsevier.

The work will provide an assessment of silicon photonics and its market impact over the next decade. The title will explore key trends and challenges facing the telecom and datacom industries, provide a history of silicon photonics, and detail its importance. The title will also pinpoint those applications that will benefit most from the technology.

Gazettabyte hopes to share some of the insights and information gathered during the writing of the book. And if this book project is of interest, please feel free to contact us

Optical industry restructuring: The analysts' view

The view that the optical industry is due a shake-up has been aired periodically over the last decade. Yet the industry's structure has remained intact. Now, with the depressed state of the telecom industry, the spectre of impending restructuring is again being raised.

In Part 2, Gazettabyte asked several market research analysts - Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin, Ovum's Daryl Inniss and Dell'Oro's Jimmy Yu - for their views.

Part II: The analysts' view

"It is just a very slow, grinding process of adjustment; I am not sure that the next five years will be any different to what we've seen"

Sterling Perrin, Heavy Reading


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Optical components: The six billion dollar industry

Chart Watch: Ovum Components

The service provider industry, including wireless and wireline players, is up 6% year-on-year (2Q10 to 1Q11) to reach US $1.82 trillion, according to Ovum. The equipment market, mainly telecom vendors but also the likes of Brocade, has also shown strong growth - up 15% - to reach revenues of over $41.4 billion. But the most striking growth has occurred in the optical components market, up 28%, to achieve revenues of over $6 billion, says the market research firm.


Source: Ovum


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