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Oclaro showcases its pluggable CFP2-DCO at ECOC

Multi-sourcing CFP2-DCO modules, coherent digital signal processor (DSP) partnerships, new laser opportunities and the latest on Lumentum’s acquisition of Oclaro. A conversation with Oclaro’s chief strategy officer, Yves LeMaitre.

Oclaro demonstrated its CFP2 Digital Coherent Optics (CFP2-DCO) pluggable module working with Acacia Communications’ own CFP2-DCO at the recent European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), held in Rome.

Yves LeMaitreOclaro announced earlier this year that it would use Acacia’s Meru coherent DSP for a CFP2-DCO product.

The company also announced at ECOC the availability of a portfolio of single-mode lasers that operate over an extended temperature range.

“We see two new laser opportunities for us,” says LeMaitre. “The upgrade of the access networks and, concurrently, the deployment of 5G.”

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Aurrion mixes datacom and telecom lasers on a wafer 

Silicon photonics player, Aurrion, has detailed the making of multiple laser designs for datacom and telecom on a single wafer. The multiple designs on one wafer benefit the economics of telecom lasers by manufacturing them alongside higher-volume datacom sources.


"There is an inevitability of the co-mingling of electronics and optics and we are just at the beginning"

Eric Hall, Aurrion




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