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Silicon Photonics

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Video compression: Tackling at source traffic growth

Streamed video services are placing significant demands on network infrastructure.

The issue is the same whether it is IPTV services and over-the-top video sent over fixed networks, or video transmitted over 3G wireless networks or even video distributed within the home.

According to Cisco Systems, video traffic will only become more important becoming the dominant data traffic by 2013. Any technology that trims the capacity needed for video streams is thus to be welcomed.

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Digital Home: Services, networking technologies and challenges facing operators

Source: Microsoft

The growth of internet-enabled devices and a maturing of networking technologies indicate the digital home is entering a new phase. But while operators believe the home offers important new service and revenue opportunities, considerable challenges remain. Operators are thus proceeding cautiously. 

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Mind maps

I have added a mind map summarising the photonic integration feature

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Active optical cable: market drivers

Behind the numbers

CIR’s report key findings

The global market for active optical cable (AOC) is forecast to grow to US $1.5bn by 2014, with the linking of datacenter equipment being the largest single market valued at $835m.  Other markets for the cabling technology include digital signage, PC interconnect and home theatre.

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Lightwave magazine guest blog

Guest blog

Is photonic integration market disruptive? Click here.


Optical transceivers: Useful references

Having begun a gazettabyte feature on optical transceiver roadmaps, here are some useful references. I will keep updating the entry as the article progresses.


Industry bodies

The CFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA): The hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factor for 40Gbps and 100Gbps applications

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AT&T rethinks its relationship with networking vendors 

Does AT&T's Domain Supplier programme mark a nod to the past when carriers were vertically integrated?


 “We’ll go with only two players [per domain] and there will be a lot more collaboration.”


 Tim Harden, AT&T



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