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Micro QSFP module to boost equipment port densities  

Twelve companies are developing a compact Quad Small-Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) module. Dubbed the Micro QSFP (μQSFP), the multi-source agreement (MSA) will improve by a third the port count on a platform's face plate compared to the current QSFP.


Nathan Tracy

The μQSFP will support both copper and optical cabling, and will have an improved thermal performance, benefitting interfaces and platforms.

“There is always a quest for greater port density or aggregate bandwidth,” says Nathan Tracy, technologist at TE Connectivity and chair of the μQSFP MSA.

The challenge for the module makers is to provide denser form factors to increase overall system traffic. “As we go to higher densities, we are also increasing the thermal load,” says Tracy. “And so now it is a mechanical and a thermal [design] problem, and both need to be solved jointly.”

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Rafik Ward Q&A - final part

In the second and final part, Rafik Ward, vice president of marketing at Finisar, discusses Google’s call for a new 100 Gig interface, the ECOC show, and what Finisar has learnt from running a corporate blog.


"Feedback we are getting from customers is that the current 100 Gig LR4 modules are too expensive"

Rafik Ward, Finisar

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