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Sckipio’s silicon to enable gigabit services  

Sckipio’s newest broadband chipset family delivers 1.2 gigabits of aggregate bandwidth over 100m of telephone wire.

The start-up’s SCK-23000 chipset family implements the ITU’s Amendment 3 212a profile. The profile doubles the spectrum used from from 106MHz to 212MHz, boosting the broadband rates. In contrast, VDSL2 digital subscriber line technology uses 17MHz of spectrum only.

“What the telcos want is gigabit services,” says Michael Weissman, vice president of marketing at Sckipio. “This second-generation [chipset family] allows that.”

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Sckipio improves’s speed, reach and density  

Sckipio is using this week’s Broadband World Forum event in London to highlight its latest activities 

Sckipio has enhanced the performance of its chipset, demonstrating 1 gigabit data rates over 300 meter of telephone wire. The broadband standard has been specified for 100 meters only. The Israeli start-up has also demonstrated 2 gigabit performance by bonding two telephone wires.


Michael Weissman

“Understand that is still immature,” says Michael Weissman, co-founder and vice president of marketing at Sckipio. “We have improved the performance of by 40 percent this summer because we haven’t had time to do the optimisation until now.”

The company also announced a 32-port distribution point unit (DPU), the aggregation unit that is fed via fibre and delivers to residences. 

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Apr252014 adds to the broadband options of the service providers


Source: Alcatel-Lucent

Competition is commonly what motivates service providers to upgrade their access networks. And operators are being given every incentive to respond. Cable operators are offering faster broadband rates and then there are initiatives such as Google Fiber.

Internet giant Google is planning 1 Gigabit fibre rollouts in up to 34 US cities covering 9 metro areas. The initiative prompted AT&T to issue its own list of 21 cities it is considering to offer a 1 Gigabit fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service.

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