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Open ROADM gets deployed as work starts on Release 6.0

AT&T has deployed Open ROADM technology in its network and says all future reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) deployments will be based on the standard. 

At this point, it is in a single metro and we are working on a second large metro area,” says John Paggi, assistant vice president member of technical staff, network infrastructure and services at AT&T. 


Shown are the various elements included in the disaggregated Open ROADM MSA. Also shown is the hierarchical SDN controller architecture with the federated controllers overseeing the optical layer and the multi-layer controller overseeing the path creation across the layer, from IP to optical. Source: Open ROADM MSA

Meanwhile, the Open ROADM multi-source agreement (MSA) continues to progress, with members working on Release 6.0 of the standard. 

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PMC advances OTN with 400 Gigabit processor

Optical modules for the line-side are moving beyond 100 Gigabits to 200 Gigabit and now 400 Gigabit transmission rates. Such designs are possible thanks to compact photonics designs and coherent DSP-ASICs implemented using advanced CMOS processes. 


An example switching application showing different configurations of the DIGi-G4 OTN processor on the line cards. Source: PMC

For engineers, the advent of higher-speed line-side interfaces sets them new challenges when designing the line cards for optical networking equipment. In particular, the framer silicon that interfaces to the coherent DSP-ASIC, on the far side of the optics, must cope with a doubling and quadrupling of traffic.  

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