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Infinera inches closer to cognitive networking

Part 2: Infinera’s Instant Network

The second and final part as to how optical networking is becoming smarter

Infinera says it has made it easier for operators to deploy optical links to accommodate traffic growth.

The system vendor says its latest capability, known as Instant Network, also paves the way for autonomous networks that will predict traffic trends and enable capacity as required.

The latest announcement builds on Infinera’s existing Instant Bandwidth feature, introduced in 2012, that uses its photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology.

Instant Bandwidth exploits the fact that all five 100-gigabit wavelengths of a line card hosting Infinera’s 500-gigabit PIC are lit even though an operator may only need a subset of the 100-gigabit wavelengths. Using Instant Bandwidth, extra capacity can be added to a link - until all five wavelengths are used - in a matter of hours.

The technology allows 100-gigabit wavelengths to be activated in minutes, says Geoff Bennett, director, solutions and technology at Infinera (pictured). It takes several hours due to the processing time for the operator to raise a purchasing order for the new capacity and get it signed off.

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Infinera adds software to its PIC for instant bandwidth 

Infinera has enabled its DTN-X platform to deliver rapidly 100 Gigabit services. The ability to fulfill capacity demand quickly is seen as a competitive advantage by operators. Gazettabyte spoke with Infinera and TeliaSonera International Carrier, a DTN-X customer, about the merits of its 'instant bandwidth' and asked several industry analysts for their views.

Infinera has added a WDM line card hosting its 500 Gigabit super-channel photonic integrated circuit to its DTN-X platform

Pravin Mahajan, Infinera.


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