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Infinera rethinks aggregation with slices of light 

An optical architecture for traffic aggregation that promises to deliver networking benefits and cost savings was unveiled by Infinera at this weeks ECOC show, held in Dublin.

Traffic aggregation is used widely in the network for applications such as fixed broadband, cellular networks, fibre-deep cable networks and business services. 

Dave Welch

Infinera has developed a class of optics, dubbed XR optics, that fits into pluggable modules for traffic aggregation. And while the company is focussing on network edge applications such as 5G, the technology could be used in thedata centre. 

Optics is inherently a point-to-point communications technology. Yet optics is applied to traffic aggregation, a point-to-multipoint architectureresulting in inefficiencies, says Infinera.  

The breakthrough here is that, for the first time in opticshistory, we have been able to make optics work to match the needs of an aggregation network,” says Dave Welch, founder and chief innovation officer at Infinera. 

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