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Verizon prepares its next-gen PON request for proposal 

Verizon will publish its next-generation passive optical network (PON) requirements for equipment makers in the coming month.

Vincent O'Byrne

The NG-PON2 request for proposal (RFP) is being issued after the US operator completed a field test that showed a 40 gigabit NG-PON2 system working alongside Verizon’s existing GPON customer traffic.  

The field test involved installing a NG-PON2 optical line terminal (OLT) at a Verizon central office and linking it to a FiOS customer’s home 5 km away. A nearby business location was also included in the trial.

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Europe gets its first TWDM-PON field trial

Vodafone is conducting what is claimed to be the first European field trial of a multi-wavelength passive optical networking system using access equipment from Alcatel-Lucent. 


Source: Alcatel-Lucent



The time- and wavelength-division multiplexed passive optical network (TWDM-PON) technology being used is a next-generation access scheme that follows on from 10 gigabit GPON (XG-PON1) and 10 gigabit EPON. 


“There appears to be much more 'real' interest in TWDM-PON than in 10G GPON,” says Julie Kunstler, principal analyst, components at Ovum. 

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10 Gigabit GPON gets broadband access support  

Briefing: Next-Generation PON

Part 1: XG-PON1 goes commercial

Alcatel-Lucent is making available what it claims is the first broadband access platforms that support XG-PON1, the 10 Gigabit GPON standard.  The company has developed an XG-PON1 line card for use in its latest ISAM-FX as well as its existing ISAM-FD access platforms. The ISAM platforms support copper and fibre-based broadband access.


“First [XG-PON1] deployments will likely be in Asia Pacific but we are seeing strong interest from other regions"

Stefaan Vanhastel, Alcatel-Lucent


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