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Has the restructuring of the optical industry already started?

The view that consolidation in the optical networking industry is needed is not new. For a decade, ever since the end of the optical boom in 2001, consolidation has been called for and has been expected. And while the many optical startups funded then have long exited or been acquired, the optical industry continues to support numerous optical networking and component generalist and specialists. 

Given the state of the telecom market, is a more fundamental industry restructuring finally on its way? 


"The business model of the communication sector needs to change, and change in a relatively short order"



Larry Schwerin, CEO of Capella Intelligent Subsystems

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Q&A: Ciena’s CTO on networking and technology

In Part 2 of the Q&A, Steve Alexander, CTO of Ciena, shares his thoughts about the network and technology trends.

Part 2: Networking and technology

"The network must be a lot more dynamic and responsive"

Steve Alexander, Ciena CTO


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AT&T rethinks its relationship with networking vendors 

Does AT&T's Domain Supplier programme mark a nod to the past when carriers were vertically integrated?


 “We’ll go with only two players [per domain] and there will be a lot more collaboration.”


 Tim Harden, AT&T



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