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VDSL2 vectoring explained

Several system vendors including Adtran, Alcatel-Lucent and ZTE have announced vectoring technology that boosts the performance of very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL2) broadband access technology. Vectoring is used to counter crosstalk - signal leakage between the telephony twisted wire pairs that curtails VDSL2's bit rate performance – as is now explained.

Technology briefing

There is a large uncertainty in the resulting VDSL2 bit rate for a given loop length. With vectoring this uncertainty is almost removed

Paul Spruyt, Alcatel-Lucent




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Tackling the coming network crunch

A European Union research project is looking at ways to expand by one-hundredfold the capacity of an optical fibre. The project will need to develop techniques to exploit multimode and specialist fibre, and if successful, will require new fibre deployments in the network.


"In the end you run out of the ability to transmit more information along a single-mode fibre"

Ian Giles, Phoenix Photonics

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Oclaro points its laser diodes at new markets

Yves LeMaitre has experienced much over the course of the last decade working in the optical components industry. He has been CEO of a start-up during the optical boom, lived through acquisitions, and has undertaken business development in telecom and non-telecom markets.


“To succeed in any market ... you need to be the best at something, to have that sustainable differentiator”

 Yves LeMaitre, Oclaro




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The InfiniBand roadmap gets redrawn

The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) has announced a new roadmap for the low latency bi-directional link. What was Eight Data Rate InfiniBand will now be known as Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and be upgraded from 20Gbps to 26Gbps per channel. EDR will deliver a 104Gbps data rate in a four-channel InfiniBand (4x) implementation and 312Gbps when used as a 12-channel (12x) interface.


“We can already demonstrate in silicon a 30Gbps transmitter."

Marek Tlalka, Luxtera





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Video compression: Tackling at source traffic growth

Streamed video services are placing significant demands on network infrastructure.

The issue is the same whether it is IPTV services and over-the-top video sent over fixed networks, or video transmitted over 3G wireless networks or even video distributed within the home.

According to Cisco Systems, video traffic will only become more important becoming the dominant data traffic by 2013. Any technology that trims the capacity needed for video streams is thus to be welcomed.

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Digital Home: Services, networking technologies and challenges facing operators

Source: Microsoft

The growth of internet-enabled devices and a maturing of networking technologies indicate the digital home is entering a new phase. But while operators believe the home offers important new service and revenue opportunities, considerable challenges remain. Operators are thus proceeding cautiously. 

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