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Infinera unveils its next-gen packet-optical platforms 

  • Infinera has announced its first major metro product upgrade since it acquired Transmode in 2015.
  • The XTM II platforms use CFP2-DCO pluggable modules for the line-side optics, not Infinera’s photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology.
  • Infinera’s XTM II achieves new levels of power efficiency by adopting CFP2-DCO pluggables and a distributed switch architecture.

    Source: Infinera

    Infinera has unveiled its latest metro products that support up to 200-gigabit wavelengths using CFP2-DCO pluggable modules.

    The XTM II platform family is designed to support growing metro traffic, low-latency services and the trend to move sophisticated equipment towards the network edge. Placing computing, storage and even switching near the network edge contrasts with the classical approach of backhauling traffic, sometimes deep within the network.

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    P-OTS 2.0: 60s interview with Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin

    Heavy Reading has surveyed over 100 operators worldwide about their packet optical transport plans. Sterling Perrin, senior analyst at Heavy Reading, talks about the findings.

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    Transmode's evolving packet optical technology mix

    • Transmode adds MPLS-TP, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and OTN 
    • The three protocols make packet transport more mesh-like and service-aware
    • The 'native' in Native Packet Optical 2.0 refers to native Ethernet  

    Transmode has enhanced its metro and regional network equipment to address the operators' need for more efficient and cost-effective packet transport.


    “Native Packet Optical 2.0 extends what the infrastructure can do, with operators having the option to use MPLS-TP, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and OTN, making the network much more service-aware”

    Jon Baldry, Transmode

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    ECI Telecom’s next-generation metro packet transport family

    • The Native Packet Transport (NPT) family targets the cost-conscious metro network
    • Supports Ethernet, MPLS-TP and TDM
    • ECI claims a 65% lower total cost of ownership using MPLS-TP and native TDM

     NPT's positioning as part of the overall network. Source: ECI Telecom

    ECI Telecom has announced a product line for packet transport in the metro. The Native Packet Transport (NPT) family aims to reduce the cost of operating packet networks while supporting traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) traffic.

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    ECI Telecom's Apollo mission

    The privately-owned system vendor has launched Apollo, a family of what it calls optimised multi-layer transport platforms. 



    ECI Telecom has launched a family of platforms that combines optical transmission, Ethernet and optical transport network (OTN) switching and IP routing.

    The 9600 series platforms, dubbed Apollo, combines the functionality of what until now has required a packet-optical transport system (P-OTS) and a carrier Ethernet switch router (CESR).


    The Apollo 9600 series architecture. Source: ECI Telecom

    ECI refers to the capabilities of such a combined platform as optimised multi-layer transport (OMLT). Analysts view the platform as a natural evolution of P-OTS rather than a new category of system.  

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    Cisco's P-OTS: Denser and distributed

    Cisco Systems’ carrier packet transport (CPT) product family adds metro packet optical transport to its existing switch and router offerings.

    Cisco claims the CPT is its second-generation packet optical transport system (P-OTS), complementing the ONS 15454. But some analysts view the CPT as the vendor’s first true packet optical transport product.


    "This announcement is an acknowledgement that P-OTS equipment is important and that operators are insisting on it"

    Sterling Perrin, Heavy Reading



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