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Optical networking market in rude health

Quarterly market revenues, global optical networking (1Q 2011). Source: Ovum

Despite recent falls in optical equipment makers’ stock, the optical networking market remains in good health with analysts predicting 6-7% growth in 2011.

For Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst for optical at Infonetics Research, unfulfilled expectations are nothing new. Optical networking is a market of single-digit yearly growth yet in the last year certain market segments have grown above average: spending on ROADM-based wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical network equipment, for example, has grown 20% since the first quarter of 2010.

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Cisco Systems' coherent power move

Cisco Systems’ acquisition of CoreOptics means the company has largely cornered the coherent market, says Telecom Pragmatics. 

Cisco Systems announced its intent to acquire the optical transmission specialist CoreOptics back in May. CoreOptics has digital signal processing expertise used to enhance high-speed long-haul dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical transmission. Cisco’s acquisition values the German company at US $99m.


"Let me be clear, we don’t believe 100Gbps serial will dominate the market for a long time, or 40Gbps for that matter"

Mark Lutkowitz, Telecom Pragmatics




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Ten years gone: Optical components after the boom

Vladimir Kozlov has been covering the optical components industry as an analyst since the optical boom of 2000. Here he reflects on the industry over the last decade.


Average gross margin by industry. Source: LightCounting

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ROADMs: Set for double-digit growth

A Q&A with Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst, optical at Infonetics Research regarding ROADMs and his report's findings.


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The art of market analysis

Guest Blog

Bob Larribeau, a telecom industry analyst and technology consultant since 1992 has just retired. gazettabyte asked him to reflect on what it takes to be a good market research analyst.


"Most companies provide good numbers but some, quite frankly, are hard to believe."

Bob Larribeau




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Active optical cable: market drivers

Behind the numbers

CIR’s report key findings

The global market for active optical cable (AOC) is forecast to grow to US $1.5bn by 2014, with the linking of datacenter equipment being the largest single market valued at $835m.  Other markets for the cabling technology include digital signage, PC interconnect and home theatre.

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