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Hyperscaler or ICP? 

Several terms are commonly used when referring to leading internet companies, those that operate large-scale data centres and typically are household names.

Terms used include internet content providers (ICP), hyperscalers and mega data centre operators. Meanwhile, a leading system vendor, in a briefing, referred to ‘global content providers’.  

The terms are used interchangeably but, not surprisingly, there are differences.

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Mobile fronthaul: A Q&A with LightCounting's John Lively

LightCounting Market Research' s report finds that mobile fronthaul networks will use over 14 million optical transceivers in 2014, resulting in a market valued at US $530 million. This is roughly the size to the FTTX market. However, unlike FTTX, sales of fronthaul transceivers will nearly double in the next five years, to exceed $900 million. A Q&A with LightCounting's principal analyst, John Lively.

Q. What is mobile fronthaul?

There is a simple explanation for mobile front-haul but that belies how complicated it is.

The equipment manufacturers got together about 10 years ago and came up with the idea to separate the functionality within a base station. The idea is that if you separate the functionality into two parts, you can move some of it to the tower and thereby reduce the equipment, power and space needed in the hut below. That is the distributed base station.

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