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AppliedMicro samples 100Gbps CMOS multiplexer

AppliedMicro has announced the first CMOS merchant multiplexer chip for 100Gbps coherent optical transmission. The S28032 device supports dual polarisation, quadrature phase-shift keying (DP-QPSK) and has a power consumption of 4W, half that of current multiplexer chip designs implemented in BiCMOS.


The S28032 100 Gig multiplexer IC. Source: AppliedMicro

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Optical components enter an era of technology-pull 

Gazettabyte asked ADVA Optical Networking, Ciena, Cisco Systems and Ovum about their impressions following the recent OFC/NFOEC 2012 exhibition and conference.

OFC/NFOEC reflections: Part 2 

"As the economy continues to navigate its way through yet another very difficult period, it was good to see so many companies innovating and introducing solutions."

Massimo Prati, Cisco Systems

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Dan Sadot on coherent's role in the metro and the data centre 

Gazettabyte went to visit Professor Dan Sadot, academic, entrepreneur and founder of chip start-up MultiPhy, to discuss his involvement in start-ups, his research interests and why he believes coherent technology will not only play an important role in the metro but also the data centre.

"Moore's Law is probably the most dangerous enemy of optics"

Professor Dan Sadot 

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Oclaro-Opnext merger will create second largest optical component company 

Oclaro has announced its plan to merge with Opnext. The deal, valued at US $177M, will result in Opnext's shareholders owning 42% of the combined company. The merger of the fifth and sixth largest optical component players will create a company with annual revenues of $800M, second only to Finisar. The deal is expected to be completed in the next 3-6 months.

Source: Gazettabyte

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100 Gigabit direct detection gains wider backing

More vendors are coming to market with 100 Gigabit direct detection products for metro and private networks. 

The emergence of a second de-facto 100 Gigabit standard, a complement to 100 Gigabit coherent, gained credence with 4x28 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) direct detect announcements from Finisar and Oclaro and likely backing from system vendor, ECI Telecom.



"We believe that in some cases operators will prefer to go with this technology instead of coherent"

Shai Stein, CTO, ECI Telecom 


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100 Gigabit 'unstoppable'

A Q&A with Andrew Schmitt (@aschmitt), directing analyst for optical at Infonetics Research.

"40Gbps has even less value in the metro than in the core"

Andrew Schmitt, Infonetics Research



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100 Gigabit: The Coming Metro Opportunity

Gazettabyte has published a Position Paper on the coming 100 Gigabit metro opportunity. (Click here to download a copy.) There has been several announcements in recent weeks from system and component vendors addressing 100 Gigabit metro networks.


The 19-page report looks at the status of the 100 Gigabit market, the drivers for 100 Gigabit deployment, the technology options and their merits. The paper then states how 100 Gigabit technologies such as direct-detection point-to-point, direct-detection WDM and coherent will fare in the metro.

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