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Verizon prepares its next-gen PON request for proposal 

Verizon will publish its next-generation passive optical network (PON) requirements for equipment makers in the coming month.

Vincent O'Byrne

The NG-PON2 request for proposal (RFP) is being issued after the US operator completed a field test that showed a 40 gigabit NG-PON2 system working alongside Verizon’s existing GPON customer traffic.  

The field test involved installing a NG-PON2 optical line terminal (OLT) at a Verizon central office and linking it to a FiOS customer’s home 5 km away. A nearby business location was also included in the trial.

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Compass-EOS raises $42M 

Compass-EOS has raised $42 million in investment. The Israeli start-up launched its r10004 IP core router in March and has so far announced two customers: NTT Communications and the China Education and Research Network, CERNET. The company says it has a second tier-one operator yet to be announced.

Asaf Somekh with the icPhotonics chip

"Both global operators have purchased routers on several occasions for several types of deployments," says Asaf Somekh, vice president of marketing at Compass-EOS. “There are also a couple more smaller operators that we cannot disclose at this stage." The company is  involved in several trials in the US, Japan and EMEA.

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Mellanox to acquire silicon photonics player Kotura 

Source: Gazettabyte

Mellanox Technologies has announced its intention to acquire silicon photonics player, Kotura for $82 million.

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Cisco Systems demonstrates 100 Gigabit technologies

* Cisco adds the CPAK transceiver to its mix of 100 Gigabit coherent and elastic core technologies
* Announces 100 Gigabit transmission over 4,800km


"CPAK helps accelerate the feasibility and cost points of deploying 100Gbps"

Stephen Liu, Cisco





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Cisco Systems' intelligent light

Network optimisation continues to exercise operators and content service providers as their requirements evolve with the growth of services such as cloud computing. Cisco Systems' announced elastic core architecture aims to tackle  networking efficiency and address particular service provider requirements.


“The core [network] needs to be more robust, agile and programmable”

Sultan Dawood, Cisco





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Does Cisco Systems' CPAK module threaten the CFP2?

Cisco Systems has been detailing over recent months its upcoming proprietary optical module dubbed CPAK. The development promises to reduce the market opportunity for the CFP2 multi-source agreement (MSA) and has caused some disquiet in the industry.

Source: Cisco Systems, Gazettabyte, see comments

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60-second interview with .... Sterling Perrin

Heavy Reading has published a report Photonic Integration, Super Channels & the March to Terabit Networks. In this 60-second interview, Sterling Perrin, senior analyst at the market research company, talks about the report's findings and the technology's importance for telecom and datacom.


"PICs will be an important part of an ensemble cast, but will not have the starring role. Some may dismiss PICs for this reason, but that would be a mistake – we still need them."


Sterling Perrin, Heavy Reading

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