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The capacity limits facing optical networking

Ever wondered just how close systems vendors are in approaching the limits of fibre capacity in optical networks? Kim Roberts, senior director coherent systems at Ciena, adds some mathematical rigour with his explanation of Shannon's bound, from a workshop he gave at the recent Layer123's Terabit Optical and Data Networking conference held in Cannes. 

Part 1 Shannon's bound

 Source: Ciena

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The post-100 Gigabit era

Feature: Beyond 100G - Part 4

The latest coherent ASICs from Ciena and Alcatel-Lucent coupled with announcements from Cisco and Huawei highlight where the industry is heading with regard high-speed optical transport. But the announcements also raise questions too. 


Source: Gazettabyte

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Ciena: Changing bandwidth on the fly

Ciena has announced its latest coherent chipset that will be the foundation for its future optical transmission offerings. The chipset, dubbed WaveLogic 3, will extend the performance of its 100 Gigabit links while introducing transmission flexibility that will trade capacity with reach.

Feature: Beyond 100 Gigabit - Part 1

"We are going to be deployed, [with WaveLogic 3] running live traffic in many customers’ networks by the end of the year"

Michael Adams, Ciena



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Boosting the 100 Gigabit addressable market

Alcatel-Lucent has enhanced the optical performance of its 100 Gigabit technology with the launch of its extended reach (100G XR) line card. Extending the reach of 100 Gigabit systems helps makes the technology more attractive when compared to existing 40 Gigabit optical transport. 


"We have built some rather large [data centre to data centre] networks with spans larger that 1,000km in totality"  

Sam Bucci, Alcatel-Lucent





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CTOs: One year makes all the difference


 A Gazettabyte column published in Light Reading, click here


Q&A: Ciena’s CTO on R&D

Gazettabyte spoke with Steve Alexander, CTO of Ciena, about optical technology and R&D. In Part 1 of the Q&A, Alexander shares his thoughts about the practice and challenges of R&D.

 Part 1: R&D

"The R&D model has shifted a lot. Time has marched on and there are newer ways of doing things"

Steve Alexander, Ciena CTO 

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LightReading Market Spotlight: ROADMs 

Click here for the market spotlight ROADM article written for LightReading. See also the comment discussions.

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