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10 Gigabit Plain Old Telephone Service

Bell Labs has sent unprecedented amounts of data down a telephone wire. The research arm of Alcatel-Lucent has achieved one-gigabit streams in both directions over 70m of wire, and 10-gigabit one-way over 30m using a bonded pair of telephone wires.

Keith RussellThe demonstrations show how gigabit-speed broadband could use telephone wire to bridge the gap between a local optical fibre point and a home. The optical fibre point may be located at the curbside, on a wall or in an apartment's basement.    

Service providers want to deliver gigabit services to compete with cable operators and developments like Google Fiber, the Web giant's one-gigabit broadband initiative in the US. Such technology will help the operators deploy gigabit broadband, saving them time and expense. 

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FSAN adds WDM for next-generation PON standard

The Full Service Access Network (FSAN) group has chosen wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to complement PON's traditional time-sharing scheme for the NG-PON2 next-generation standard. 


"The technology choice allows us to have a single platform supporting both business and residential services"

Vincent O'Byrne, Verizon



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ZTE takes PON optical line terminal lead

ZTE shipped 1.8 million passive optical network (PON) optical line terminals (OLTs) in 2011 to become the leading supplier with 41 percent of the global market, according to Ovum. 


"ZTE is co-operating with some Tier 1 operators in Europe and the US for 10GEPON and XGPON1 testing"

Song Shi Jie, ZTE




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FSAN close to choosing the next generation of PON

Briefing: Next-gen PON

Part 1: NG-PON2

The next-generation passive optical network (PON) will mark a departure from existing PON technologies. Some operators want systems based on the emerging standard for deployment by 2015. 

“One of the goals in FSAN is to converge on one solution that can serve all the markets"

Derek Nesset, co-chair of FSAN's NGPON task group 


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Photonic integration specialist OneChip tackles PON 

Briefing: PON

Part 1: Monolithic integrated transceivers

OneChip Photonics is moving to volume production of PON transceivers based on its photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design. The company believes that its transceivers can achieve a 20% price advantage.

"We will be able to sell [our integrated PON transceivers] at a 20% price differential when we reach high volumes"

Andy Weirich, OneChip Photonics


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10 Gigabit GPON gets broadband access support  

Briefing: Next-Generation PON

Part 1: XG-PON1 goes commercial

Alcatel-Lucent is making available what it claims is the first broadband access platforms that support XG-PON1, the 10 Gigabit GPON standard.  The company has developed an XG-PON1 line card for use in its latest ISAM-FX as well as its existing ISAM-FD access platforms. The ISAM platforms support copper and fibre-based broadband access.


“First [XG-PON1] deployments will likely be in Asia Pacific but we are seeing strong interest from other regions"

Stefaan Vanhastel, Alcatel-Lucent


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Next-generation access will redefine the telcos 

Benoît  Felten has left Yankee Group to set up a market research and consultancy company addressing next-generation access.

Gazettabyte caught up with him to understand the goals of his new company, Diffraction Analysis, and why he believes next-generation access is critical for service providers.


"As soon as you, the operator, make that investment decision, it has fundamental implications as to who you are as a company"


Benoît Felten, CEO, Diffraction Analysis

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