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Silicon Photonics

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SDM and MIMO: An interview with Bell Labs  

Bell Labs is claiming an industry first in demonstrating the recovery in real time of multiple signals sent over spatial-division multiplexed fibre. Gazettabyte spoke to two members of the research team to understand more.


Part 2: The capacity crunch and the role of SDM

The argument for spatial-division multiplexing (SDM) - the sending of optical signals down parallel fibre paths, whether multiple modes, cores or fibres - is the coming ‘capacity crunch’. The information-carrying capacity limit of fibre, for so long described as limitless, is being approached due to the continual yearly high growth in IP traffic. But if there is a looming capacity crunch, why are we not hearing about it from the world’s leading telcos? 

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Bell Labs demos real-time MIMO over multicore fibre  

Part 1 of 2

Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, has used a real-time receiver to recover a dozen 2.5-gigabit signals sent over a coupled three-core fibre. Until now the signal processing for such spatial-division multiplexed transmissions have been done offline due to the computational complexity involved.


“The era of real-time experiments in spatial-division multiplexing is starting and this is the very first example” - Peter Winzer

“The era of real-time experiments in spatial-division multiplexing is starting and this is the very first example,” said Peter Winzer, head of the Optical Transmission Systems and Networks Research Department at Bell Labs. “Such real-time experiments are the next stepping stone towards a true product implementation.”    

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ECOC '15 Reflections: Part 2 

Part 2: More industry executives share the trends and highlights they noted at the recent European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) event, held in Valencia. 


Martin Zirngibl, head of network enabling components and technologies at Bell Labs. 

Silicon Photonics is seeming to gain traction, but traditional component suppliers are still betting on indium phosphide.

There are many new start-ups in silicon photonics, most seem to be going after the 100 gigabit QSFP28 market. However, silicon photonics still needs a ubiquitous high-volume application for the foundry model to be sustainable.

There is a battle between 4x25 Gig CWDM and 100 Gig PAM-4 56 gigabaud, with most people believing that 400 Gig PAM-4 or discrete multi-tone with 100 Gig per lambda will win.


Will coherent make it into black and white applications - up to 80 km - or is there a role for a low-cost wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) system with direct detection?

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10 Gigabit Plain Old Telephone Service

Bell Labs has sent unprecedented amounts of data down a telephone wire. The research arm of Alcatel-Lucent has achieved one-gigabit streams in both directions over 70m of wire, and 10-gigabit one-way over 30m using a bonded pair of telephone wires.

Keith RussellThe demonstrations show how gigabit-speed broadband could use telephone wire to bridge the gap between a local optical fibre point and a home. The optical fibre point may be located at the curbside, on a wall or in an apartment's basement.    

Service providers want to deliver gigabit services to compete with cable operators and developments like Google Fiber, the Web giant's one-gigabit broadband initiative in the US. Such technology will help the operators deploy gigabit broadband, saving them time and expense. 

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Books in 2013 - Part 2

Alcatel-Lucent's President of Bell Labs and CTO, Marcus Weldon, on the history and future of Bell Labs, and titles for Christmas; Steve Alexander, CTO of Ciena, on underdogs, connectedness, and deep-sea diving; and Dave Welch, President of Infinera on how people think, and an extraordinary WWII tale: the second part of Books 2013.  


Steve Alexander, CTO of Ciena

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve enjoyed some of Gladwell’s earlier works such as The Tipping Point and Outliers: The Story of Success. You often have to read his material with a bit of a skeptic's eye since he usually deals with people and events that are at least a standard deviation or two away from whatever is usually termed “normal.”

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Interview with Finisar's Jerry Rawls

Finisar is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Gazettabyte interviewed Finisar's executive chairman and company co-founder, Jerry Rawls, to mark the anniversary.

Part 1


Jerry Rawls, Finisar's executive chairman and co-founder

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Bell Labs on silicon photonics

Briefing: Silicon Photonics

Part 2: A system vendor's perspective

  • Silicon photonics as a technology has its challenges
  • Its biggest impact could be to shake up the industry's optical component supply chain
  • Silicon photonics will not displace VCSELs


An interview with Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs' Martin Zirngibl, domain leader for enabling physical technologies, on the merits and potential impact of silicon photonics




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