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How ONAP is blurring network boundaries  

Telecom operators will soon be able to expand their networks by running virtualised network functions in the public cloud. This follows work by Amdocs to port the open-source Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) onto Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

Source: Amdocs, Linux Foundation

According to Craig Sinasac, network product business unit manager at Amdocs, several telecom operators are planning to run telecom applications on the Azure platform, and the software and services company is already working with one service provider to prepare the first trial of the technology.    

Deploying ONAP in the public cloud blurs the normal understanding of what comprises an operator’s network. The development also offers the prospect of web-scale players delivering telecom services using ONAP.

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Service providers' network planning in need of an overhaul

Operators are struggling to keep up with the demands being placed on their networks. Greater competition, quicker introductions of new services and uncertainty regarding their uptake are forcing operators to reassess how they undertake network planning. 

These are the findings of an operator study conducted by Analysys Mason on behalf of Amdocs, the business and operational support systems (BSS/ OSS) vendor.

Columns (left to right): 1) Stove-pipe solutions and legacy systems with no time-lined consolidated view 2) Too much time spent on manual processes 3) Too much time (or too little time) and investment on integration efforts with different OSS 4) Lack of consistent processes or tools to roll-out same resources/ technologies 5) Competition difficulties 6) Delays in launching new services. Source: Analysys MasonClick here to view full chart

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