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ECI Telecom’s next-generation metro packet transport family

  • The Native Packet Transport (NPT) family targets the cost-conscious metro network
  • Supports Ethernet, MPLS-TP and TDM
  • ECI claims a 65% lower total cost of ownership using MPLS-TP and native TDM

 NPT's positioning as part of the overall network. Source: ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom has announced a product line for packet transport in the metro. The Native Packet Transport (NPT) family aims to reduce the cost of operating packet networks while supporting traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) traffic.

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Cisco's P-OTS: Denser and distributed

Cisco Systems’ carrier packet transport (CPT) product family adds metro packet optical transport to its existing switch and router offerings.

Cisco claims the CPT is its second-generation packet optical transport system (P-OTS), complementing the ONS 15454. But some analysts view the CPT as the vendor’s first true packet optical transport product.


"This announcement is an acknowledgement that P-OTS equipment is important and that operators are insisting on it"

Sterling Perrin, Heavy Reading



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Cisco Systems' coherent power move

Cisco Systems’ acquisition of CoreOptics means the company has largely cornered the coherent market, says Telecom Pragmatics. 

Cisco Systems announced its intent to acquire the optical transmission specialist CoreOptics back in May. CoreOptics has digital signal processing expertise used to enhance high-speed long-haul dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical transmission. Cisco’s acquisition values the German company at US $99m.


"Let me be clear, we don’t believe 100Gbps serial will dominate the market for a long time, or 40Gbps for that matter"

Mark Lutkowitz, Telecom Pragmatics




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