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MultiPhy unveils 100G single-wavelength PAM-4 chip

A chip to enable 100-gigabit single-wavelength client-side optical modules has been unveiled by MultiPhy. The 100-gigabit 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4) circuit will also be a key building block for 400 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that use four wavelengths.

Source: MultiPhy

Dubbed the MPF3101, the 100-gigabit physical layer (PHY) chip is aimed at such applications as connecting switches within data centres and for 5G cloud radio access network (CRAN).

“The chip has already been sent out to customers and we are heading towards market introductions,” says Avi Shabtai, CEO of MultiPhy.

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Reflections and predictions: 2011 & 2012 - Part 1

Gazettabyte has asked industry analysts, CEOs, executives and commentators to reflect on the last year and comment on developments they most anticipate for 2012.


"For 2012, the macroeconomy is likely to dominate any other developments"








Martin Geddes, telecom consultant @martingeddes

Sometimes the important stuff is slow-burning: we're seeing a continued decline in the traditional network equipment providers, and the rise in Genband, Acme, Sonus and Metaswitch in their place. Smaller, leaner, and more used to serving Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators and enterprise players and their lower cost structures. 

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Boosting the 100 Gigabit addressable market

Alcatel-Lucent has enhanced the optical performance of its 100 Gigabit technology with the launch of its extended reach (100G XR) line card. Extending the reach of 100 Gigabit systems helps makes the technology more attractive when compared to existing 40 Gigabit optical transport. 


"We have built some rather large [data centre to data centre] networks with spans larger that 1,000km in totality"  

Sam Bucci, Alcatel-Lucent





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Rational and innovative times: JDSU's CTO Q&A Part II

Brandon Collings, JDS Uniphase's CTO for communications and commercial optical products, talks about fostering innovation and what is coming after 100 Gigabit optical transmission. Part II of a Q&A with Gazettabyte.

"What happens after 100 Gig is going to be very interesting"

Brandon Collings (right), JDSU

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Q&A: Ciena’s CTO on networking and technology

In Part 2 of the Q&A, Steve Alexander, CTO of Ciena, shares his thoughts about the network and technology trends.

Part 2: Networking and technology

"The network must be a lot more dynamic and responsive"

Steve Alexander, Ciena CTO


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How ClariPhy aims to win over the system vendors 

ClariPhy Communications will start volume production of its 40 Gig coherent IC in September and is working on a 28nm CMOS 100 Gig coherent ASIC. It also offers an ASIC design service, allowing customers to used their own IP as well as ClariPhy's silicon portfolio.

“We can build 200 million logic gate designs” 

Reza Norouzian, ClariPhy




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Optical networking market in rude health

Quarterly market revenues, global optical networking (1Q 2011). Source: Ovum

Despite recent falls in optical equipment makers’ stock, the optical networking market remains in good health with analysts predicting 6-7% growth in 2011.

For Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst for optical at Infonetics Research, unfulfilled expectations are nothing new. Optical networking is a market of single-digit yearly growth yet in the last year certain market segments have grown above average: spending on ROADM-based wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical network equipment, for example, has grown 20% since the first quarter of 2010.

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